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  • Don Rutherford

  • Composer, Guitars, Guitar Synth, Vocals
  • Lester Estelle

  • Drums. Percussion
  • Julius Blue

  • Hammond Organ, Synthesizers
  • Deborah Rutherford

  • Backing Vocals

Don Rutherford

Composer, Guitars, Guitar Synth, Vocals

Lester Estelle

Drums. Percussion

Julius Blue

Hammond Organ, Synthesizers

Deborah Rutherford

Backing Vocals


Very well produced, sweet music. Would you be willing to send me 1 or 2 in MP3 format so I can share with my listeners? Godbless you.

Praising Jesus,

Arden Edgell  Host of Rock-n-Revival Radio KRIM 96.3 FM Payson, AZ 928-978-3485me

We really like it.

We will add it to our Rock Rotation here in the next week.

If you can, share our station with everyone you know and help put the word out there about us.@

Charles Ryan (Chuck T) Traffanstedt - KOUJ- The Rock of Salvation

It’s very cool. I will definitely add it to my station playlist. Please also spread the word. We are just wrapping up year one and are excited for what God has instore for the station and reaching the unsaved in this world.

Jim Metcalf,

What people are saying

The Power Of Music

I love how God puts people back in your lives after decades. I had the joy of recording Don Rutherford and his lovely wife Deborah over the past few weeks. Don and I were both pretty heavy in the Knoxville music scene decades ago and both had pretty crazy past filled with “activities and hobbies” that might kill the average man. Through God‘s grace both of us have cleaned up our lives and have chosen a path to follow God with all of our hearts. Although Don and I never truly knew each other back in those days I can clearly say I now consider he and his wife to be dear friends. I'm very honored and happy to be a part of their project. God has big things planned in their futures.

Travis Wyrick, Producer Lakeside Studios


The Bible Never Sounded Like This

Don Rutherford
Chronicles 16
Thousand Generations Records
(release date: January 19, 2019)

Hearing Don Rutherford’s Chronicles 16 reminded me of the concept albums produced in the 1970s by Canadian rock band Rush.

This was confirmed with the one-two punch intro to the album’s “Canaan / The Few,” which evokes the opening to Rush’s 2112.

Rutherford’s Christian concept album, subtitled “A Psalm in Rock,” is a clever conceit, a rock oratorio based on David’s Psalm of Thanksgiving in 1 Chronicles 16 (King James Version). A hard-charging rhythm section, screaming guitar solos, and ever-shifting motifs are reminiscent of ‘70s prog rock theatricality. Although the music is modern, the lyrics are faithful to King David’s original writing. The Bible never sounded like this.

Although he has performed in a variety of musical styles, Rutherford knows his rock catalog, citing such influences as progressive rock (and concept album) stalwarts Yes and Pink Floyd.

For example, “Intro March / Call Upon His Name” begins with a fanfare of gritty guitars and fuzzy synth over a persistent militaristic drum riff (for musical symmetry, Lester Estelle’s distinctive drumming returns at the end of the album). “Desert Dance” is built on a Middle Eastern musical motif, with guitars mimicking the sound of an oud.

Of all the parts on the album, “Everlasting Covenant,” with its relaxed folk-rock vibe and vocals by Rutherford, is the most radio-friendly piece. “Sing Unto the Lord All the Earth” is another standalone track, as is the reflective anthem “Benediction,” on which Deborah Rutherford joins Don on vocals.

Grammy nominee and three-time Dove Award recipient Travis Wyrick co-produces with Rutherford a crisp project, one distinctive among Christian rock releases.

Three of Five Stars

Pick: “Everlasting Covenant”

Bob Marovich, Journal of Gospel Music

Christian Rock Opera That Defies All Genres


Composer/Guitarist Don Rutherford releases his debut album 'Chronicles 16: A Psalm in Rock', a classic rock inspired Christian rock opera that defies all genres, on January 18, 2019.

Don Rutherford spent half of his life in Knoxville, TN, and the other half in Los Angeles, CA, and his long music career has taken him through many musical styles including classical, blues, punk, rock, country and metal. Drawing from such influences as Pink Floyd, Yes and The Ramones, among others, Rutherford has created a dynamic rock and roll praise record like no other, mixing musical genres of classic rock, punk, and pop, synchronized to the ancient cadences of the King James Version of the Old Testament book of 1 Chronicles 16, resulting in a powerful "rock opera" style album reminiscent of The Who's 'Tommy' and 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.

Rutherford spent many years in in Knoxville night clubs performing with his bands Relentless Blues, Bone, Nairobi Trio, Iron Hawg & Dissocial. After moving to Los Angeles he played and recorded with numerous groups including The Daisy Chamber, Terror Train, Murder In Exile, Michael Petak (produced by T. Bone Burnet), The Blue Shadows, Texas Terri, The Euge [The Orange People], Happenin' Harry & The Haptones All Star Band, Speedbuggy USA (Red Eyed & Rowdy, The Town That God Forgot), Holy Water & The Dizzy Reed Band (Rock n Roll Ain't Easy).

Chronicles 16 also features the considerable talents of drummer Lester Estelle, Jr. (Pillar, Kelly Clarkson), Knoxville session keyboardist extraordinaire Julius Blue, and backing vocalist Deborah Rutherford [Raszebrae, Ringling Sisters, Holy Water]. Producer Travis Wyrick is a Grammy nominee & 3 time Dove Award recipient and has worked with artists including P.O.D, Pillar & Disciple.

'Chronicles 16 A Psalm in Rock' is like no other Christian Rock record. This music that Rutherford has written is going to be an album for the ages. 'Chronicles 16' hopes to lead others to turn to the Psalms for inspiration and just might introduce a secular audience that loves classic rock.... to God.

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