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2024 has been very productive here at Eagle’s Nest Studios. Starting in January, went back to work tracking my follow up album to “CHRONICLES16”. I have now been writing & composing this sequel for the past 4 years [ or as often as the film business allows]. The 2023 motion picture industry strike opened up a “window of freedom”, and thus far I have been able to log 3 1/2 solid months of studio time to perfect these demos.

This next record will feature several stand alone songs of faith which I am very proud of, and my love for the Psalms will be presented front & center in a glorious 40 minute prog rock interpretation of Psalm 22 [My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me…].

This is officially the most challenging musical project I have ever attempted, and I’m still working on the various details. Each and every note and beat has to have purpose & meaning.

Looking forward to sharing this music with the world…